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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My New Office & The Sad Future

There's only one thing I can brag about since my move to North Carolina.
My pimp-ass office.
It's huge. (picture below)
It makes me feel important.

However, I was told that we will be moving down to the third floor in a month.
I received a tour and it looks like everyone is going to downgrade.
My boss is going to have a small office (he will be pissed).
I may have to move to a small window-less office or even (God forbid) share an office.

This is how Jinna & I feel.

Me: If I have to share an office with a annoying girl, i'm going to cry then kill myself.
Pretty excessive already, but Jinna tops it off by..
Jinna: or gouge her eyes out.

I'm going to enjoy my office while I still have it.
Napping under the desk will be an option.

MTV Cribs - Pimp Office Edition


Ebony Jewel said...

LOL love the comment under the pic! And nice office by the way. Is there any way you can negotiate a larger space away from the annoying chick or is your new office already set in stone?

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