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Friday, August 28, 2009

Highest Unemployment Rate, MY ASS.

What an insensitive post.
I agree.
It's my blog, so SUCK IT.
Now, I will add a cute emoticon to balance out the vulgarity. ^o^

Being a crazy busy body with a full-time job and going to school, I decided to get a part-time job.
I craiglist shopped and found some amazingly popular places in DC.
Took a half day and went around there and applied for four places.

1. Busboy and Poets - VERY popular & famous
They were having a open house. I completed the application and the worksheet test that came with the application. Yes, there was a worksheet test that consisted of wine/alcohol and basic server etiquette knowledge. I was interviewed by the spanish Maurice. We chatted about the food network, going green and why I deserved to work there. Got a call yesterday for a second interview. Went in today and I'm hired. Orientation is on Monday, 4:30PM. Bring two forms of ID and dress "cute".

2. Blackfinn American Saloon - Fancy bar and grill.
I went in there, the place wasn't open but I could tell they were already doing training for hired servers and bartenders. I filled out an application, chatted with the operating partner for literally 5 mins. He then said, "Alright! Well, come over to this table and we can sign your life away." That was it, I had a job. A job that will pay pretty well, esp being right down in the smack of downtown DC.

3. Creme Cafe - VERY popular
I went in for an application along with 20 others. I was the first one to talk to the general manager, where he simply said that today was just to put a face to a name and that people will be called for an interview. We chatted 3-5 minutes, he told me about how booming the neighbourhood is becoming. I was called today and have an interview tomorrow at 5:15PM.

4. Masa14 - Will be amazing.
Grand opening is at the end of September. The venue is no where close to being done. It is a collaboration project between two very well known chef in Washington DC; Richard Sandoval of Zengo and Kaz Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro. It will be posh. It will be expensive. I went in for an application. Had a 2 minutes chat, and was told that interviews will be held next week. Hopefully I'll get a call.

I've concluded that people are just lazy.
Take a half day (or even a full day considering you are unemployed), walk around your city/town and find a job.
It's not hard.
I had found at least three (potentially 4).


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