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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Place I Call My Own, Literally, Hopefully.

I recently put down an offer on a condo.
Well, more like 5 long weeks ago.
At the age of 22, I'd say that's pretty good.

It was a short sale, so the bank is taking their sweet ass time with the third party approval.
The bank is always money hungry and is never considerate of the people like me;
The type who can not stand living with her parents any longer and is staying at her office for 10+ hrs a day for the sole purpose of avoidance.

I've already reserved furniture at we put it all together, to save you more at The Room Store.
Gone to home depot and came back with 200 paint chip samples.
Read numerous blogs about interior design and space efficiency.

At Design*Sponge, they have a section called "before & after".
This is where people take crap and turn it into a piece of contemporary home design art.


I got on craigslist and picked up the first free piece of furniture I found.
A wall shelf.
I even asked ID04 who lives 20 miles away, but drives a mini-van to accompany me for the pick-up.
I apologize to ID04, because the shelf was definitely smaller than I had imagined, and it could have easily fitted in my sedan trunk.

Anyway, here's the piece of ugly duckling that I will be transforming into a beautiful swan.

Stay tune for the results.
I'm open for any suggestions?


Karie said...

FUN! That really is inspiring. Our house needs furniture so bad and I have really not let myself be creative. We are just sitting here with empty rooms. I think I'll do what you did and try something new. Maybe I'll be able to find something I can make really cool. Thanks for the suggestion!

notahitchingpost said...

I am so jealous you actually found something. I have been searching Craigslist, antique stores, etc. high and low and everything I find (that I can afford) is unfixable junk! But good luck on your transformation!

Ebony Jewel said...

Aww congrats on putting down an offer on your first place! You'll be so happy once you're in it!! I also bought my first condo at 22 years old & on closing day I felt so grown up, but accomplished!

Again congrats to you!

*uncorked said...

Congrats! I got my first condo a year after graduating law school and was pretty pumped about it. It's also for sale now because I want something bigger. Not the greatest time to sell, but whatever. Hope all goes through for you!

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